Katja Ramharter: Family Therapy

Families face many challenges in everyday life and sometimes they will face major crisis and transition. It can be difficult to manage relationships well under this pressure and at times all families develop patterns that feel uncomfortable and not useful. Family therapy can help to regain family wellbeing, which is really important in developing resilience and creating positive change.

Often family members go through a transition, such as during adolescence or a change of roles. Responding to these types of changes is challenging and family therapy can help everyone to adjust to new ways of relating to each other. In family therapy we think about difficult issues from different viewpoints and perspectives. Each member has unique strengths to offer towards solutions.
In the sessions the therapist makes sure everyone is heard and thoughts and feelings are respected. Conflicts can be explored more constructively and surprising new avenues of change emerge in this context.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, everyone is welcome to attend the sessions. Sometimes only parts of a family decide to come, such as parents on their own or one parent with a child on their own.

Reasons to choose family therapy may include:

  • Managing transitions, such as separation, change of circumstances
  • Being worried about a child’s behaviour
  • Loss
  • Illness
  • High level of conflict
  • Worries about mental health
  • Tension between members
  • Issues with the wider family
  • Parenting dilemmas